Welcome to Legend Readers!

Legend Readers was originally a David Gemmell (heroic fantasy author) fan site.  It still is, but at the same time, it is my own personal website which means some content can vary wildly depending on what I want to put here.  Having said that, it should be noted that anything not Gemmell-related is my own and is not affiliated with David Gemmell or his work.  A section of this site will be dedicated to David Gemmell, and the rest, simply put, will be what I want.

The name Legend Readers is a play on words from one of David Gemmell’s books where there is a military group called the Legend Riders.  Legend was David Gemmell’s first book where he introduces his most famous character, Druss (aka Druss the Legend).  Druss is a legend, and the Legend Riders are in a book set in the future from Legend and named after him.  This site was originally conceived as a David Gemmell fan site to take the place of the Gemmell Mania website that shut down.  We all have read Legend.  So we are Legend Readers.  You get the idea.