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This section will contain information about David Gemmell and his books.  There is a lot of things out there related to Mr. Gemmell's work that range from an old school ZX Spectrum game based off of his first novel Legend, book cover art and artists, fan art and fiction, music inspired by his books, and more.  Enjoy!

  • General David Gemmell Content and Information   ( 13 Articles )
    This area is dedicated to all things David Gemmell that do not fit into any of the other categories.
  • David Gemmell Book Reviews/Descriptions   ( 5 Articles )

    This category will contain reviews of David Gemmell's books.

    I have to warn you ahead of time.  These book descriptions/reviews will be a collection of glowing terms.  Am I biased?  You bet!  But with good reason.  These books are amazing.  Simple as that.  These books were good enough to cause me to create a tribute site to David Gemmell in the first place.  The fact that these books motivated me to put all this time and effort into this site means that others should at least give Mr. Gemmell's work a second look.

    Another fair warning. I don't "grade" books with a very critical eye. I'm not out to pick apart an author's protagonist or plot nor do I like to be ridiculously negative because I have "standards." I like to kick back and enjoy the ride. If I enjoy the ride, I'll say so. I usually don't get negative unless it is a glaring issue. And I am not keen on telling someone not to buy something. I'll recommend that you get a book, but I'll rarely come right out and say not to get one. Why? My taste might be different than yours and hopefully my quick description/review (whether positive or negative) will be enough for you to go on when deciding to get a book.

    You may have noticed that I put together the words "description/review." There is a reason. Like I mentioned above, I'm not going to be over-critical so some articles may end up being more descriptions than reviews or vice-versa. Either way, I hope they are informative!

  • David Gemmell Quotes   ( 16 Articles )
    These quotes are mainly for the random quote rotation at the top of every page.  But you can browse through them if you want :).
  • Raven Armoury   ( 3 Articles )
    Raven Armoury, based out of England, has created some amazing recreations of weapons from David Gemmell's books.  These are Druss' axe, Snaga, and Skilgannon's Swords of Night and Day.

    Druss is David Gemmell's main character and is featured in the books Legend, The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend, The Legend of Deathwalker, White Wolf, and The Swords of Night and Day.

    Skilgannon the Damned is a Naashanite swordsman in the books White Wolf and The Swords of Night and Day.

    These weapons come in various styles but still maintain the core concepts as described in the books.

    Raven Armoury has also begun creating pendant versions of these weapons as well.  Snaga has already been created and there are plans for a Swords of Night and Day pendant.

    This section contains images of these beautiful items.  You can view them here or go directly to the Raven Armoury site at www.raven-armoury.co.uk.
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